Turn your speadsheet into a full-fledged enterprise application

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Egeria is a collaborative multidimensional web-based spreadsheet service. It can be used to quickly implement a wide range of planning, budgeting or reporting solutions, create financial models and perform what-if simulations. It excels in gathering structured data from a large number of people and consolidating/aggregating this data in real-time to generate reports and charts.


You will benefit from using Egeria if your models are getting too complex for normal spreadsheets or if you want your models to be used by a large number of people. You can also use Egeria as a free and easy-to-use alternative to expensive commercial budgeting and planning software.

Multidimensional data model

Multidimensional means you can organize your worksheets by years, months, scenarios, versions, departments and so on. Your data is stored in a more structured way which has many benefits like allowing computations across multiple worksheets and simplifying analysis and reporting.

Easy collaboration

Egeria is a web application and is designed to be used by hundreds of users simultaneously. Internal cell versioning keeps your data safe from unintended overwrites.

Flexible computation model

Egeria's formula language is the key feature that makes Egeria different from other multidimensional budgeting and planning systems. Formulas are quite similar to those you are used to from common spreadsheet applications. The main difference is the way spreadsheet cells are referenced. This cell referencing syntax allows you to express complex computations along any dimension in a quick and simple way. A formula's effect can be traced from cell to cell (like in common spreadsheets).


While typical spreadsheet applications hardly handle hundreds of thousands of rows, Egeria is designed to handle billions of rows/values and thousands of formulas. You will be able to process a hundred of millions of values on a desktop machine, but running it on a server with hundreds of gigabytes of RAM gives you almost limitless possibilities. The computations are ultra fast and will run in parallel on modern multicore and multiprocessor machines.

Data protection

With user authentication and fine grained role-based access control system every user will only see cells he is supposed to see and modify data he is authorized to modify. There are also system privileges for viewing/editing formulas, changing worksheets, importing or exporting data, modifying master data and so on. (This feature will only be available in the enterprise version of the system)

There are several similar solutions offered by very large companies. Egeria tries to make things simpler by following a (multidimensional) spreadsheet approach rather than copying features from BI budgeting and planning platforms. In particular this means: