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Egeria is not a regular spreadsheet! Watching the tutorial videos first is strongly recommended!

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What is Egeria Spreadsheets?

Egeria Spreadsheets is a collaborative multidimensional web-based spreadsheet service. Something between a regular spreadsheet and a multidimensional database. It can be used to create large worksheet models with complex calculations editable by hundreds of users simultaneously.


What are the use cases?

Egeria can be used to quickly implement a wide range of planning, budgeting or reporting solutions, create financial models and perform what-if simulations. In general there are two main scenarios where it excels over the regular spreadsheets:

Although Egeria contains some basic analytics functionality it is NOT primarely designed for analytics. Other tools a better suited to analyze already existing data.

How do I use it?

Egeria looks quite similar to a regular spreadsheets for the end user (who fills the forms), but it takes some additional knowledge to design a model in Egeria. A spreadsheet designer should be familiar with the following topics:

Is it ready for production?

This site is a technology demonstration.