Time tracking

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This sample is simple work/project time tracking tool. It illustrates some advanced user access control concepts available in the Egeria system.

Login information

There is a single password for all users: pass. Following demo users are available:

  • admin - Technical administrator
  • smithj - John Smith is a project manager and has access to the Project Management view. He can assign people to projects and view project reports. He can also enter his own time and view time sheets of other employees.
  • lingleg, mccloyj, santeea - Georgiana Lingle, Josue Mccloy and Alona Santee are regular employees from three different departments. They are only allowed to view and edit their own time sheets with projects assigned to them.
  • mustermannm - Max Mustermann is a HR employee. He has access to the HR view and is able to edit any employee's vacation entitlements and weekly working hours. He can view yearly reports for every employee and edit their time sheets. He cannot access the PM view.

Metadata objects / Dimensions

  • Employee (emp) is a hierarchical dimension with two hierarchy levels. It contains employee names grouped by their departments.
  • Project (proj) dimension contains a list of project. A project has an active-attribute which determines if employees can enter time for it.
  • Position (pos) is a technical dimension to distinguish different worksheet positions. It contains members like: required hours, vacation days per year, and so on.
  • Year (year) is a reporting year. (2015, 2016, and so on)
  • Month (month) is a reporting month. (01, 02, and so on)
  • Day (day) is a reporting day. (01, 02, and so on)


There is only one cube called "Time management" which contains all available dimensions.


There are three views:

  • Time entry view is organized by the Employee, Year, Month dimensions and contains a single worksheet called "Time entry" where employees fill in their holiday and working hours on a daily basis. This worksheet has a complex "Filter cells" cell access rule which filters out wrong combinations of positions and projects (like vacation hours on single projects), projects not assigned to an employee and day which are not available in the current month (like day 30 in February). Here is a screenshot: Meta-data screen

  • HR view is organized by Year and Employee dimensions an is used by HR people to enter employees vacation entitlements (Vacations worksheet) and weekly working hours(Weekly working hours worksheet). Employee yearly report shows employees fulfilled hours and remaining vacation by month for the whole year.

  • Project management view is organized by Projects and is used to assign employees to projects via the "Project participation" worksheet. PM employees have write access only to their own employee dimension member to prevent them from editing other employees time sheets but need to change other employees project participation data. This logic is achieved by the "Allow editing for PMs" cell access rule on the "Project participation" worksheet.

PM view also contains two report worksheets: Project monthly report to compare fulfilled hours with planned hours by month and Project totals to have an overview of all projects.